NATURITA, Colo. – (April 29th, 2019) Thanks to the Peterson Trust of Montrose, the West End Pay It Forward Trust (PIFT) has received a generous donation of $10,454.27. This contribution from the Peterson Trust has brought funding for the PIFT to over $75,000.00.

The Peterson Trust is managed by Martha Dusio who had heard about PIFT and liked the idea that the community was trying to do something for itself in a difficult time.

“The Trust gives a certain amount every year and that sometimes it's all to one group or it could go to a couple of different groups” said Dusio. To date, the Peterson Trust has donated over $13,000.00 to the PIFT.

The West End PIFT has grown tremendously since its inception in 2013, starting with only $400. Since then, PIFT has grown their endowment by 200 percent over the past 5 years! Thanks to successful fundraising events, a partnership with Citizens State Bank, increasing community awareness, and the tireless work of the PIFT board members, the PIFT is now annually granting community organizations to help them continue their work that makes the communities of Nucla, Naturita, Paradox, and Bedrock great places to live.

The West End PIFT encourages the community to consider giving $10/month, although no amount is too small. The PIFT is currently receiving monthly donations from several local community members who make automatic deposits from their Citizens State Bank accounts, and anyone interested in making a monthly donation from their account can call or visit the bank or one of the contact above to arrange the reoccurring donation. Additionally, the PIFT encourages the community to consider the organization in their long-term planning, as estate bequests are an essential part of creating a successful endowment fund. Adding the PIFT to your will allows community members to make a difference in the West End by paying it forward to help the community now and for future generations.

Since its launch, the West End PIFT has partnered with the Paradox Community Trust to create and grow a permanent, locally controlled endowment that can support current and future community betterment projects. The Paradox Community Trust is a vehicle to receive, hold and invest charitable dollars raised by local PCT communities, including the West End, Norwood, Dove Creek, and Rico. Interest generated from the West End endowment will help support community and economic development, which could include support for local nonprofits, emerging entrepreneurs, and other charitable causes in the West End.  All money raised will be used in the West End to support and develop local organizations and the community.  The PIFT’s board includes: Jane Thompson, Paul Koski, Susan Rice, Sara Bachman, Amanda Tomlinson, and Hank Nelson.

If you are interested in learning more about PIFT or joining the Board, please contact us at westendpift@gmail.com, visit our website http://westendpayitforward.org or our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WestEndPIFT/, or contact any one of the current board members for more information.   



Lily Briggs